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I was surprised by the creativity, attention to detail, and adaptability of Justyna. She worked with teams of various sizes and backgrounds and was able to adjust to each of their unique situations. Justyna collected and analyzed metrics, explained the Kanban principles, and applied them to each of the teams she worked with. There were dozens of big and small changes following her work, and we observe much better lead time stability across the board. We also learned how to introduce team-level Kanban ourselves, which will be very handy as we continue to scale our operations.

Paul is someone who can really make the difference: he’s a good listener, thinks with you, questions you when he thinks you may have forgotten something and is someone who can think out of the box… !

Paul is everything you expect from a project manager and actually does justice to the word ‘manager’. Outsourcing projects is always risky business, but when Paul is in the lead, you can expect results and input that go beyond your expectations. Add his integrity and customer friendliness to the mix and you can’t go wrong.

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