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Training From The Back Of The Room

Training From The Back of the Room (TBR) Practitioner Class

"Training from the Back of the Room" is a fresh approach to learning, training, presenting and facilitating. Developed by Sharon Bowman, TBR uses cognitive neuroscience and brain-based learning techniques. The concept is recognized internationally as one of the most effective frameworks for accelerated learning.

Kanban System Improvement l with Radosław Orszewski

Double the value delivered by the training thanks to two experienced trainers, but most of all Kanban practitioners! Why Learn Kanban System Design? How often do you feel certain of the right thing to do? How confident are you when…

Free Flight Levels Consulting

In the face of a crisis, business agility is no longer optional. Currently, many companies are not only struggling with new ways of working but also adapting to rapid changes. To support the global Agile community and help individuals, we…

Why should a Scrum team learn Kanban?

Scrum is a fabulous way to organize a team to deliver value and quality consistently, and it is extremely flexible. Within a Sprint, a Scrum team can organize their collaboration in any way that helps to achieve the Sprint Goal.…

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