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Paul Klipp
Passionate about making the tech world a better, safer, happier and more productive place

Paul Klipp is a seasoned expert in agile software development and outsourcing. He has been in executive positions in B2B services on three continents over the course of a 30 year career.

For the past fifteen years, he has focussed on improving the delivery, quality, usability, and predictability of offshore software projects by means of various agile tools and practices, and encouraging a culture based on agile principles to make work stimulating, engaging and satisfying for all concerned. He teaches what he knows as a workshop leader, conference speaker, and conference organiser.


Paul delivers both customized classes and public training. Currently, he teaches:

  • Introduction to Flow Thinking and Kanban using Kanban Quest simulation
  • Introduction to Agile Management for non IT enviroment
  • Kanban for Scrum Team
  • Flight Levels Systems Architecture
  • Flight Levels Interaction Design

For each of the clinets we preapre a series of customised workshops in order to fulfill their needs and bring the best outcome.

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