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About Kanban Quest

Kanban Quest is a role-playing game designed to create an environment for safe-to-fail experiments for knowledge workers. Here you’ll find a set of rules and tools that can be adapted to simulate countless scenarios that programmers, accountants, lawyers, recruiters, and other knowledge workers may encounter in the real world. But unlike the real world, within the scope of Kanban Quest, you can experiment with a wide variety of innovations without consequences. 

This guide will introduce you to the game, the tools used in gameplay, the game setup and order of play, and many (but not by any means exhaustive) rules that can be combined to generate realistic simulations of knowledge work. Finally, you’ll find some scenarios to get you started.

The game designers come from a software background, so much of this guide is written with software development in mind, but a clever game master can easily adapt these rules to create realistic scenarios for anyone who is involved in performing tasks in sequence in order to generate value in which factors such as speed, quality, consistency of flow, minimizing wasted effort, reducing rework, improving predictability, and satisfying stakeholders are important considerations.

Kanban Quest 33

Thank you Justyna and Paul for the Kanban for scrum teams training. It was one of the best training sessions I had in a couple of years. I learned a lot about Kanban. I was inspired and motivated. What is even better, after spending this day with you, I was able to implement changes the next day. I love the way learning and networking could happen over playing a board game Kanban quest. I’ve also met some awesome people at this training. Thank you, it was a great pleasure!

Aneta Suchan, Agile Project Manager at Sabre
Kanban Quest 34

Fell in love with the game! Kanban Quest is joining solid learning and simple fun. What I like the most is that there are no boring slides, still, knowledge simply falls into head. Participants discover all the concepts on their own with professional guidance throughout the game (and the design is lovely!). After the training, I am much more confident when speaking about Kanban and I can’t wait to see it in action!

Paulina Karp, Software Engineer at SmartRecruiters
Kanban Quest 35

This week I attended the workshop “Kanban for Scrum Teams” organized by Justyna Pindel and Paul Klipp. During the workshop, we played a few iterations of the Kanban Quest game. It helps players to experience 6 basic kanban practices in practice. My goal for this workshop was to sort out my knowledge about Kanban and try ty apply it in practice. At the end of the day, I’ve not only achieved my goal but also discovered new insights from other participants. Justyna and Paul also helped us during and after the workshop and answered all our questions. Thanks to it I was able to make progress with some blockers in my team at work.

I would recommend this workshop to everyone interested in Kanban and applying it in practice. This workshop would be also beneficial for any Scrum team members, who are looking for ways to improve their work.

Vasili Filipchyk IT, Project Manager at Isobar

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