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In a nutshell:

Embraced by innovative companies such as Google or Apple, Design Thinking is a methodology based on the way designers think, allowing them to quickly test projects, products, and services within organizations.

Deep dive into Design Thinking starting with an introduction that leads to self-driven practical examples. Through this workshop, you will understand the value of the framework and discover various tools that may apply to your business environment and your given circumstances. 


Is it for me?

Innovation and design thinking are reserved for anyone who is willing to change their mindset, not only about challenges and problem solving but also about creating solutions. We run both public and private classes for teams, individuals and organizations who would like to change the way they work, innovate, design, build and bring products to the market.

  • Companies from cross-industries (including tech)
  • Schools, universities and training ministrations
  • Project & Product Managers
  • UX & Product Designers
  • Marketing & Creative Souls
  • HR & People experts
  • Product Owners
  • C-level people who bring and unleash innovation
  • Everyone who is interested in Design Thinking, Human-Centered Design, System Thinking, Innovation and Creative way of working

What will I learn?

A lot 🙂 Most of it is up to you, but for sure you will:

  • Understand the Design Thinking process and be able to use it in your own business context.
  • Know how to apply a Human-Centered Design approach, not only in product design but also on a daily basis.
  • Be able to select and use the most suitable Design Thinking Tools in order to solve complex challenges that happen in your team.
  • Know how to find better solutions by combining Design Thinking with analytical decision making.
  • Be able to create a team toolset for building an environment that fosters creativity and empowers everyone to bring ideas on board. Apply visual thinking for better work management.
  • Understand how to embed Design Thinking in your team and across your organization.

What will I get?

  • Training materials for your own deep dive after the classes
  • A workbook that will become your learning sanctuary
  • A 10% discount for other Wawel HIll’s training.
  • A collection of various Design Thinking Tools that you can use/apply in your specific context
  • 1-hour video consultations after the classes

Should I prepare?

Not really. Three weeks before the training you will receive some reading suggestions. In case you’d like to read or learn more before the classes, please let us know. We always have a lot of extra materials to share with our attendees.


When can you sign up?

Below we listed the upcoming public classes. If none of them work for you or you’d like to organize a private training inside your organization, please let us know.


Is there anything else I should know?

For your comfort, we keep the class size from 12 to a maximum of 16 people.. Classes are thought in English. Unless all attendees are Polish and we decide together with the group to switch the language before we run the classes.

Upcoming events!

There are no upcoming events at this time

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