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Who we are

We believe in people. We believe in good people. Our job is to build work environments that help everyone to work at their best capacity. We are constantly learning and innovating with our crazy and less crazy ideas.

Justyna Pindel
Making things happen

Justyna is a Kanban Practioner who loves helping teams to work better and deliver the right products at the right time. As an Agile Believer, she brings new ways of working across the organizations. In her consulting work, she helps teams to design a company culture that enables everyone to unleash their potential and strive for the best.

Over the last few years, she has been working with various startups as a marketing/business and UX strategist. As a Design Thinker with a background in tech startups, she helped teams to change the way they think, design, build and deliver digital products.

Thanks to her experience in working with large organizations as well as startups, she brings freshness into mature business and enriches startups with knowledge about mature processes.

She is the author of Kanban Compass and the translator of rethinking agile into Polish.


Justyna loves both designing new customized classes and delivering the already tried ones:

  • Introduction to Flow Thinking and Kanban using Kanban Quest simulation
  • Introduction to Agile Management for non-IT environment
  • Certified Training From the Back of The Room
  • Flight Levels Systems Architecture
  • Kanban for Scrum Team
  • Design Thinking Flow
  • Design your Thinking


  • Flowcon 2019 in Paris: Whack-a-mole! Wake up call for product dreamers
  • Agile on the Beach 2019 in Cornwall: Design your thinking
  • Scrum Days 2019 in Kyiv: Wake up for product dreames
  • Soap Conference 2019 in Kraków: Design your thinking!
  • Agile on the Boat 2019 in Wrocław: W rytmie Design Thinking
  • WUD (World Usability Days) Kraków 2018: Design Wars
  • Outsource People 2016: Client’s Juicy UX experience

Community & University events:

Juicy UX, Kraków Startups, Geek Carrots Girls, Fuckup night, Children University, WSEI – University of Economy and Technology

Paul Klipp
Passionate about making the tech world a better, safer, happier and more productive place

Paul Klipp is a seasoned expert in agile software development and outsourcing. He has been in executive positions in B2B services on three continents over the course of a 30 year career.

For the past fifteen years, he has focussed on improving the delivery, quality, usability, and predictability of offshore software projects by means of various agile tools and practices, and encouraging a culture based on agile principles to make work stimulating, engaging and satisfying for all concerned. He teaches what he knows as a workshop leader, conference speaker, and conference organiser.


Paul delivers both customized classes and public training. Currently, he teaches:

  • Introduction to Flow Thinking and Kanban using Kanban Quest simulation
  • Introduction to Agile Management for non IT enviroment
  • Kanban for Scrum Team
  • Flight Levels Systems Architecture
  • Flight Levels Interaction Design

For each of the clinets we preapre a series of customised workshops in order to fulfill their needs and bring the best outcome.

Edyta Hopciaś
Designing our clients' experience

Edyta graduated from industrial design studies as well as being international culture graduate. She is supporting Wawel Hill with graphic design and logistics for and during the ACE! Conference and other events organizing by Paul and Justyna.

Her area of expertise is mostly visual communication and 2D design, but she’s also designing and manufacturing wood furniture as a hobby. She’s using her skills to help non-profit organisations do good in society. She’s an advocate of sustainable and responsible design.

Code of Cooperation

We experience changes at different levels in organizations. We know that to make it successful and sustainable, we should bring new ways of working and thinking across the organization at each level. If your C-level people are too busy to talk with us, we don’t want to waste your money on a lost battle.

We believe in diversity & inclusion. We care about the people that we work with. If your organization purposely excludes underrepresented groups, allows harassment in any way or does not respect people, we are not the right fit for you. Unless you would need us to change that.

Our Team 1

I was surprised by the creativity, attention to detail, and adaptability of Justyna. She worked with teams of various sizes and backgrounds and was able to adjust to each of their unique situations. Justyna collected and analyzed metrics, explained the Kanban principles, and applied them to each of the teams she worked with. There were dozens of big and small changes following her work, and we observe much better lead time stability across the board. We also learned how to introduce team-level Kanban ourselves, which will be very handy as we continue to scale our operations.

Michał Nowak, Director of Software Development at SmartRecruiters
Our Team 2

Thank you Justyna and Paul for the Kanban for scrum teams training. It was one of the best training sessions I had in a couple of years. I learned a lot about Kanban. I was inspired and motivated. What is even better, after spending this day with you, I was able to implement changes the next day. I love the way learning and networking could happen over playing a board game Kanban quest. I’ve also met some awesome people at this training. Thank you, it was a great pleasure!

Aneta Suchan, Agile Project Manager at Sabre
Our Team 3

Fell in love with the game! Kanban Quest is joining solid learning and simple fun. What I like the most is that there are no boring slides, still, knowledge simply falls into head. Participants discover all the concepts on their own with professional guidance throughout the game (and the design is lovely!). After the training, I am much more confident when speaking about Kanban and I can’t wait to see it in action!

Paulina Karp, Software Engineer at SmartRecruiters
Our Team 4

This week I attended the workshop “Kanban for Scrum Teams” organized by Justyna Pindel and Paul Klipp. During the workshop, we played a few iterations of the Kanban Quest game. It helps players to experience 6 basic kanban practices in practice. My goal for this workshop was to sort out my knowledge about Kanban and try ty apply it in practice. At the end of the day, I’ve not only achieved my goal but also discovered new insights from other participants. Justyna and Paul also helped us during and after the workshop and answered all our questions. Thanks to it I was able to make progress with some blockers in my team at work.

I would recommend this workshop to everyone interested in Kanban and applying it in practice. This workshop would be also beneficial for any Scrum team members, who are looking for ways to improve their work.

Vasili Filipchyk IT, Project Manager at Isobar
Our Team 1

After attending two amazing KMP workshops earlier this year, we decided to get serious about Kanban. We embarked on a journey to implement it for our 55 people Product Engineering Team. Luckily we had Justyna Pindel with us along the way.

Michał Nowak, Director of Software Development at SmartRecruiters
Our Team 6

I would like to recommend Justyna as an agile and design thinking trainer. She gave us great training during Agile on the Boat conference. She was full of good energy, very well prepared, keep to help and explain us everything.

Marcin Chyła, Product Owner in Ocado Technology
Our Team 7

Paul is someone who can really make the difference: he’s a good listener, thinks with you, questions you when he thinks you may have forgotten something and is someone who can think out of the box… !

Glenn Verhalle, CEO 10-forward
Our Team 8

Paul is everything you expect from a project manager and actually does justice to the word ‘manager’. Outsourcing projects is always risky business, but when Paul is in the lead, you can expect results and input that go beyond your expectations. Add his integrity and customer friendliness to the mix and you can’t go wrong.

Peter De Berdt, Senior Software Engineer at HubSpot
Our Team 9

I had a pleasure to attend KMP I training led by Paul Klipp. This session was truly an eye-opener and a life changer. Kanban helped me to redefine a pile of assumptions that led my life. And Paul is a fantastic trainer.

Anna Radzikowska, Product Owner in BBH
Our Team 10

Thanks to training with Paul, I rediscovered Kanban. The “Start from what you do now” rule is extremely powerful”.

We can use some of Kanban practices even while working in the Scrum Framework. Introduction to WIP limits, pull system & encouragement of the leadership acts, are the best choices in my opinion.

Also, Paul is a great trainer! I really enjoyed all his side stories and dedication.

Barbara Jurak, Scrum Master in Grand Parade
Our Team 11

It was a great pleasure to take part in KMP I training conducted by Paul Klipp. As Paul is an amazing teacher, I had the great opportunity to learn from him the basics of Kanban. I would love to use this knowledge in my laboratory. After the course, I think it is possible

Monika Pobiega, Life Sciences Coordinator in National Science Centre

Clients who work in a more productive and creative way because of us

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